An igbo adage said “Ihere adịghị eme onye ara ma na ona eme ụmụ-nna ya “A mad man is not as ashamed  but the relatives are, in other words, people who they know values appreciate them most. Same adage could be applied to common sense when relative or someone who share common heritage with you began dancing with your oppressor.

The worst set of injustice and neo-colonialism is when common sense is taken away from the presumed elites of the igbo nation.

In 21st century we are witnessing a people funding her own genocide and oppression and this people are igbo’s, I will do my best to explain in a clear form for all to understand the level of this slavery in 21st century.

When Nigeria imposed economic blockade on igbo nation during the epoch genocide war, we all still cry and carry the badge today, one of the ways our people survived is the act of kindness as enshrined in “Omenala Igbo” onye aghana nwanneya translate do not leave a brother or sister behind, but today Remy illona post of a sun news paper link page has brought back the memory of this blockade and slavery of G-ds people.

In the article titled “Buhari’s wife commissions N4bn Erisco Foods tomato paste plant” something very unthinkable is projected as success while in reality its expanding poverty and creating economic blockage and adding criminality and the occupation of Igbo nation by an Igbo owned establishment.

In 1967-1970 not only was Igbo boycotted but being an Igbo is a ticket to slaughter house of Nigeria  odindu onwu ka nma.
The Awolowo and Harrod Wilsons Economic policy of  murder and the method which this atrocities was carried out under economic strategies is the reason I’m writing this little piece of my mind, to protest Eric Umeofia Boycott of Igbo land and creating avenue to fund a systematic genocide and oppression of Ani Igbo.

Every company in a community contribute in several ways to ensure the community’s growth, in the case of Umeofia’s company he shut down the company in Igbo land instead of increasing the capacity and employing more Igbo’s he relocated to lagos, A region known for her oppression and agression against ndiigbo to reopen the company worth 4billion according to sun news paper.

What may surprise you is the reason behind this unthinkable act by a man who we presumed was an Igbo survivor of the genocide by the Nigeria state.

Eric Umeofia the president and CEO of ERISCO food began romancing the political party housing the culprits of Igbo genocide, A party (APC) with an open Islamic Sunni agenda to oppress and annihilate the Igbo nation.

I recall APC tweet at @digitaldreampro in November 13th 2013 and I quote “ we would deal with you maroons over and over again, go and ask your fathers if hunger has not sent them to their early grave”.

Seeing this tweet and fact that Eric Umeofia company ERICO’s Food limited is a food and beverage company, one wonders what is the real motive behind ERICO’S sudden departure of Igbo land to oregun in Lagos.

Like that is not enough the leaked conversation between an Hausa Fulani senator and a prominent Yoruba journalist clearly state what would happen to ndi Igbo and her business just hours after GEJ lost the election.

In this tape we heard of Economic injustice proposal being discussed and how Lagos would be empowered at the detriment of Igbo and her children, a service a Yoruba or hausa fulani would pay 500,000 an Igbo man would be paying 4-5 million, blocking of our fundamental rights to do business in pharmaceuticals and various other industry but most importantly food industry.

Remember this was the exact industry used as weapon of war against Biafra, leading to the murder of 3.5 million civilians by Hausa Fulani Yoruba occupational army not forgetting the Tiv.

Where in the world do manufacturing sectors go to consumers sector because of political romance ? China makes lost of product and they are still being imported and sold globally despite being made and manufactured in china, the Chinese never relocated any of this manufacturing community companies to the end sales base.

What Eric Umeofia did is clearly funding the oppression of aniigbo by the Nigeria and lagos based government by closing down the company in Igbo land with thousands of community people loosing their jobs and opportunity to earn and render services to this companies.

Thereby making our community valuable to crime and criminality in his capacity.

Yes Lagos would rejoice and benefit from the sweat of an Igbo man whom their government could have killed in 1967-1970 if found, I imagine the devil or child killer “Awolowo” celebrating in his hell compartment.

ERISCO would pay Lagos state government and the occupational government of Nigeria hug tax which would be used to buy weapons to murder more Igbo’s or fund policies that would render our people useless.

ERISCO probably didn’t know his company has or would be funding the next weapon Nigeria would use against him and his people.

But what is more disgraceful is that Eric Umeofia does not know this, and has empowered kidnapping, criminality to happen in the very place he withdraw this company, my brother once said an idle mind a Nigeria workshop.

ERISCO romancing with APC to the extent he closed down the company in Igbo and relocated the tomato plant to Lagos is the height of DONKEYNESS

When will Igbo learn to return and support our own indigenous companies ? to avoid having more Eric packing up and joining him in aiding our oppression.

Eric Umeofia  is our Donkey of the day to avoid more donkeys being named and called please invest in Igbo land.

I strongly suggest we boycott the boycotter of Igbo land starting with any product made by ERISCO FOODS.

May G-d bless the republic of Biafra and all those fighting for her freedom.

Injustice anywhere is injustice on all, and a honest man must always stand upright at all time.

Kind regards
Yahgozie Imanuel


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