A question was posed to us on twitter by Mr Paul who goes by the handle ‏@ScepticalPaul Asked us @BIAFRA24 explain a scenario that an independent Biafra would improve lives of those in the region better than the new government?

His second question is : what guarantees can Biafra offer in ways of economic growth, sustainable development, employment & other nation building issues?

Lastly he asked : what about biafra leadership structure, why would people in the region put trust in them other than the current structure? on this particular Question i would refer everyone to read the submission by Ekwenche the leadership (Guidian of offor ).

What does the future in Nigeria hold for you, the amazing wonderful people of Biafra ? We hate to tell you this but it is only going to get worse as i did earlier say, a lot worse that it might be worst than ISIS Boko Haram. To continue to stay in Nigeria is to sentence you to life of the living dead. We know of no sane human being who when he or she prays to God, pleads that God give him or her a life of hell on earth. Fortunately, you know that there is a better alternative to the abomination that is Nigeria . It is in this knowledge that we should answer the handle of the twitter few of their questions as the assumption by few other like him self might assume we would incapable of handling our nation. Biafran organisations all over the world hackers to this goal of omenaala.

The goal is obvious, the objective is clear, and the message must now be absorbed. Every Anang, Efik, Ibibio, Igbo, Ijaw, Ogoja, Ogoni etc man, woman and child must now read and imbibe this message of hope. The people of Biafra have intertwined history and collective destiny. For too long people who have no love for any group in Biafra , no tolerance for freedom, progress, and decency have used every means at their disposal to divide us and to make us fight among ourselves.

As we were busy fighting and destroying each other they settled into the serious business of stealing everything we have and destroying whatever they could not steal.using mighty foreign media to destroy the remanding of Biafra.

They stole your land and the resources in it. They stole your wives and daughters. They stole your brothers and sisters and turned them against you. They killed those who refused to be stolen through bribery. Your houses, land, rivers and streams that they could not steal, they destroyed and polluted. They have been working very hard to destroy your exceptionally progressive culture. As they commit these heinous crimes, they still tell you that they love and care for you. Sadly some of you believe them. After suffering incredible humiliation and torture for more than forty-eight years, the blindfold has been removed and we hope we all can see clearly now.

An independent State of Biafra is the destiny of every Anang, Efik, Ibibio, Igbo, Ijaw, Ogoja, and Ogoni man, woman and child.

Let us now give you in outline how the Republic of Biafra will function. We will give you the details in subsequent broadcasts.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principles of Self-Determination and Autonomy. Every ethnic group, every community, will exercise the freedom to govern itself, make its own laws, provide for the safety and protection of its own members, determine for itself what priorities it wants to pursue, plan its own educational program, economic development, industrial and technological program, social and cultural development and the general infrastructure for the welfare and destiny of its people without interference from any outside bodies.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of Social and Economic Justice for all. Every Biafran will be guaranteed justice regardless of group affiliation, language, domicile, religion, or any other characteristic. Individuals and groups will exercise 100% control over their property and resources, including their lands and the minerals in them, farms, rivers, streams, houses, and any other private property. No government shall have the right to forcibly appropriate property and resources belonging to individuals or groups.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of Liberty . Freedom from arbitrary and despotic government arrest and imprisonment will be the hallmark of the Biafran State and the people of Biafra will reserve the right and freedom to use every means at their disposal to resist and throw off any arbitrary and despotic imposition by any government or its functionaries including the right to terminate membership of the Biafran State.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of full respect for the Human Rights of Individuals and the protection of the Civil Rights and Liberties of all citizens and groups. Freedom of Speech, Expression, Assembly, Press and Religion will be guaranteed by the State. Rights to Life, right to Ones Language, right to Communicate with whoever one chooses, right to Protest, right to Dissociate, right to Vote and be Voted for, right to participate in Trade or Occupation of ones choice, right to Fair Employment Practices, right to declare Trade Dispute or Strike, right to Clean and Healthy Environment, right to Legal Protection, right to Popular Participation in Legislative Process, and the right to live and do business wherever one wants will be guaranteed and protected by the State of Biafra.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of Respect and admiration for Labor. The State will guarantee every able bodied Biafran the right to work. Biafrans are industrious, resourceful and inventive. The energies, skills, talents that are so abundant in Biafra but which unfortunately have been stifled, muzzled and squashed by Nigeria will be released. These energies, talents and skills will be unleashed to propel Biafra into the comity of technological nations in the shortest possible time. Labor will be respected. Work will be honored. Merit and productivity will be the criteria for reward in labor. Equal opportunities for employment for all Biafrans shall be the watchword of the Biafran Nation.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of strong Moral Character. Traditionally the people of Biafra have been a Holy People. They treat human beings, and nature around them with respect. Sadly, Nigeria has destroyed the excellent moral character of Biafrans and dragged them down to the level of moral depravity of Nigeria . But Biafrans will rebuild and reestablish their Strong Moral Character. Every Biafran must be his brother’s keeper. He must be honorable, and truthful. He must not engage in corrupt practices, giving and taking bribes, stealing government or public money and property, and cheating his fellow Biafrans or Government. He must be patriotic, freedom loving and must stand resolutely against any forms of injustice, oppression and victimization. He must be progressive, and must never slavishly obey any evil laws designed to enslave him.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of Honest, Trustworthy and exemplary Leadership. A Biafran leader must be honest and trustworthy at all times. He must not steal, cheat and lie to the people. He must be a model of sound Moral Character. He derives his power and authority from the people who elected him and exercises these for their welfare and at their discretion. He is accountable to the people. He is their leader not their ruler. He relinquishes this power and authority any time the people demand that he do so.

The State of Biafra will be built on the principle of the importance and value of the Single Individual. The Single Individual is the smallest irreducible unit of the people. The people cannot really exist without this Single Individual. Therefore the State of Biafra will make every effort to ensure the survival, protection, welfare and well being of this Individual.

Advances in agriculture to guarantee abundant food supply will be a priority. No people can achieve anything if they can not feed themselves. The return of thousands of highly qualified Biafran medical personnel and other scientists from Europe and America and the training of new ones to provide adequate health care for Biafrans will be a priority. A healthy nation will be a productive and prosperous nation. Efficient communication is the cornerstone of all technological development and efficient utilization of manpower. Cheap and efficient communication will be a priority. Since manpower can not be efficiently utilized, and productivity maximized if you can not move large masses of people quickly, effectively and efficiently, Transportation and Aviation will be accorded very high priority. The security of life and property is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. Therefore law and order and the protection of life and property will be accorded high priority. The protection of our environment from erosion and pollution especially the pollution of farms, rivers and streams in the oil producing areas of Biafra will be a priority. The pursuit, establishment and maintenance of very high quality education, the cornerstone of technological development and robust economy will be a priority. The provision of all necessary infrastructures to promote Trade, Commerce, Industry, and easy access to all parts of the world will be a priority. The provision of opportunities for a good life for all Biafrans will be the ultimate priority.

Fellow Biafrans, for too long you have been trapped in the rut, the muck, this stinking putrefaction that is called Nigeria . At times it seemed as if there is no hope or salvation. We now have generations of Biafrans who have never had the good fortune of seeing one honest public servant, civilian or military, having three good meals in a day, drinking clean water, using decent public transportation, being in school for six months without being chased out by the police, being interviewed for a job, having a meaningful job and making a living by decent means. Those of you who travel out of the occupation called Nigeria cannot remember the last time any airline employee treated you with a modicum of respect while you carried a Nigerian passport. So nationally you are treated as a slave, a no class citizen at best while internationally you are treated as a criminal, a crook, drug dealer, thief and con man. The reason is simple, you are a Nigerian.

It is time for all that to change. Join the Movement to reclaim your Nation, Biafra . Biafra is your Nation. Biafra is your Pride. Biafra is your Hope. Biafra is your Salvation. Biafra is your Right. Biafra is your own. Take it now. Since 1990, many unworkable Federations like Nigeria have disintegrated, broken apart into their component Nation States. All of them have made giant strides in rebuilding their shattered Nations and economies.

The fourteen Nations of the former Soviet Union broke apart and each established their independent Nations. The nations of Yugoslavia broke apart and each established their independent Nations. The nations of the former Czechoslovakia broke apart and each established their independent Nations. The people of East Timor broke away from Indonesia and established their independent Nation. The people of Eritrea broke away and established their independent Nation. The people of Southern Sudan did the same. If they can do it why can’t you? Determination and perseverance, that is all you need; that is all you need fellow Biafrans. So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, join the Movement, for the struggle is just about to kick into high gear.

May God Bless the Good People of Biafra and all Those Fighting for Her independence.


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