In a bid to end decades of electricity blackouts, Nigeria on Friday entered into talks with Russia’s state-owned Rosatom over the construction of nuclear plants. According to a source at Nigeria’s nuclear agency, the sites will be in Akwa Ibom and Kogi state. The source also added there would be a total of four reactors in the country. One nuclear power plant costs between $5 billion to $8 billion, a source at Rosatom said.

Nigeria, with a population of around 170 million, has installed power capacity that fluctuates between around 6,000 MW to just over 7,000 MW at its peak. This is almost seven times less than what is generated in South Africa which has a population less than a third of Nigeria’s. How the Nigerian government plans to fund the construction is still a key question given the slump in price of oil which is the country’s main revenue source.


  1. I wish that will be true with the Russian Federation and Nigeria.Just for the poor people only to live a decent life. That is what the west lack and failed to do for their colonies, only to be getting their reach lands only and not to give them enjoyment. M.G. Yakubu


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